Mobile Application Development Scholarship Program - Gulab Oils

The name Gulab Oils resonates with unrivaled customer confidence and elite parameters of quality in the business of edible oil manufacturing and Corn Oil In India. Making wholesome, refined, and highly nutritious edible oils, this organization has set high standards since it came into being in 1966. The dedication of its employees and the adoption of cutting edge technologies have come a long way in cementing the top position of this company in the field of manufacturing edible oils.

Gulab Oils has always tried to bring the latest quality control procedures to maintain zero contamination or deterioration of its reputed products such as Refined Soybean Oil, as it believes purity is the best USP of its brand. Striving further to give something valuable back to the society this business house now has launched an innovative program that offers Mobile Application Development Scholarship to economically marginalized students. This Gulab Oils’ scholarship scheme is limited to only those students who are pursuing their education in Australia, the USA, and Canada.

About the Scholarship Program

Now there’s an app for almost everything from music to money markets, from news to naptime stories. As a consequence, all businesses are looking to expand their digital footprint by more than just having a website. This makes it a trending career opportunity for youngsters as they can use their creativity to develop practical and useful mobile applications. To give impetus to those creative minds, Gulab Oils has designed this dedicated Mobile Application Development Scholarship Program. This will be of great help, especially to students coming from financially weaker backgrounds, and they will be to channelize their talent without having to worry about monetary problems.

A total sum of $5000 is the scholarship money that will be provided to selected students. Winning students can use this money for their tuition fees and other essential requirements during their course. Through a random selection procedure, students from Australia, Canada, and the USA will be selected for this mobile application development scholarship program.

We are inviting registrations and will continue to accept till 15th January of every year. The results for winners are declared on 31st January every year.

Eligibility Status for the Mobile Application Development Scholarship Program

This mobile application development scholarship program is applicable for those students who are completing their studies in this specific course from renowned universities and colleges in Australia or Canada or the USA

Steps to Apply for Mobile Application Development Scholarship Program

Here some formal processes of applying for this mobile application development scholarship program are mentioned. So, those who are interested in this scholarship program must follow these below-mentioned steps while using it for the same.

Important Note

Here are some basic rules rather strict instructions that are given for all students who are interested in applying for this scholarship program. Students must not WhatsApp us or call us through the given contact number on the website of Gulab Oils. We are appointing a separate team to carefully deal with all kinds of queries and issues regarding the mobile application development scholarship program. That is why to get clarification about any problems regarding the scholarship program; students can send mail at [email protected]

If any of these previously mentioned instructions have not been followed correctly, then that specific student’s application can get rejected anytime.

Terms and Conditions for the Mobile Application Development Scholarship Program

Please go through the following terms and conditions before applying for our scholarship program:


With the exponential growth of smartphones, mobile apps have displaced full-fledged websites as the connecting link between businesses and their clients. Mobile apps can be made as a highly interactive interface and also have the ability to provide some functions without internet connectivity, whereas websites can tend to be a bit more complicated and outdated to the modern-day internet users. This is why almost every commercial venture now goes for a dedicated mobile app apart from having the usual website. Mobile apps are the future of business communication interface.

Mobile application development has taken off to a new level as Android and iOS fight it out for the lion’s share of the market. This offers immense career prospects to budding developers as they have the scope to join big multinationals or launch their start-ups to offer mobile application development solutions to businesses. This is a lucrative proposition and is likely to stay that way until something more disruptive comes to the field of technology. This potential career option offers both handsome pay and a high scope of vacancy.

Mobile application development is a costly course, and students need to pursue it from top-rated institutions to get considered for good placements. Another feature that makes learning mobile application development an expensive field of study is that one needs to consistently update one’s knowledge as new events are always taking place in this domain. Thus the scholarship money is a welcome help to deserving students who plan to skill themselves in this line of work and make a career out of it. They will be able to use this sum for higher studies.