Refined Corn Oil

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  • Vitamin E Corn Oil Vit-E
  • Sweet In Nature BlackSweet in Nature
  • Provides Fatty Acids Black Provides Fatty Acids

Gulab the Best Corn Oil Manufacturer in India

Gulab Refined corn oil is the widely used oil and used mainly for deep frying. We manufactured corn oil using the best refining process to maintain essential ingredients, which is essential for the human body. As the best corn oil in India, our oil contains omega 3 and omega 6, which the human body doesn’t produce. These ingredients are essential to control blood pressure and helps keep the skin shining.

To maintain the quality of Gulab corn oil and Mustard Oil, we extract the clean and sound seeds of Zea Mays Linn and Fam. You can easily find Gulab Refined corn oil in almost any grocery store and used in many different ways.

1. Frying and sauteing
2. Use it for cake making and other goods
3. Used for marinades and salad dressing