Graphic Web Design Scholarship Program - Gulab Oils

If it’s any brand that finds the most acceptance in the market of manufacturing refined cooking oil, it’s none other than Gulab Oils. The company has started its journey in 1966, and now it is a leading brand in this field and Corn oil manufacturers in india. Lots of hard work, efforts, strategic business ideas, and aim to deliver premium-quality products have made this company a frontrunner.

Gulab Oils always strives to provide unmatched service like Best Soybean Oil to its customers, and the company has never failed to fulfill clients’ requirements. Now, this renowned brand is making an effort to support the field of academics and plans to seek those students who are brilliant but belong to the deprived section of the society. To help them financially, the company Gulab Oils announces a specially designed graphic web design scholarship program, and this unique program is only for those students who belong from Australia, Canada, and the USA.

About the Scholarship Program

We are now living in the age of the internet and technology. In this era, graphic and web designing have become major utilities to attract more customers and enhance the growth of any company. The young generation is strongly interested in building their career in such a creative field. Both graphic and web designing professionals are associated and work with each other to increase the business growth of any company. That is why the leading company of the edible oil manufacturing industry announces a specially designed graphic web design scholarship program for those students who are interested but are in need of monetary aid.

The grant money for this scholarship is $5000, which will help needy students to continue their studies without any financial trouble. They can spend this money on their various kinds of educational and course-related requirements. Eligible students will be selected through a random draw of lots from three countries Canada, the USA, and Australia.

We are inviting registrations and will continue to accept till 15th January of every year. The results for winners are declared on 31st January every year.

Eligibility Status for the Graphic Web Design Scholarship Program

Gulab Oils’s special graphic web design scholarship program is suitable only for those students who are pursuing this course from recognized academic institutions in Australia or Canada or the USA.

Steps to Apply for Graphic Web Design Scholarship Program

If students are interested in getting this graphic web design scholarship program, then they must have to carefully read the below-mentioned steps and follow that at the time of filling application forms.

Important Note

This is an important note for all those students who want to avail of this graphic web design scholarship program opportunity. Interested students must not contact us through the provided number on our website for any scholarship associated queries. There is a separate team to deal with and clarify all issues regarding the scholarship program application. Thus, students must mail their queries at our [email protected] mail id to get a proper response.

Students should also remember that, if anyone contacts through the given number on our website, his or her application form can be canceled anytime.

Terms and Conditions for the Graphic Web Design Scholarship Program

Please go through the following terms and conditions before applying for our scholarship program:


In the last few years, graphic design has become an integral part of every kind of business. The prime importance of graphic design is it helps to create a beautiful and interactive communication link between the business owner and its clients. It helps to present any product in a more creative manner to advertise about the product or service in an exciting and innovative way to attract a number of clients and stakeholders as well. So, graphic design helps to enhance the growth of any business in creative ways.

With the advancement of technology, web design has become an essential part of every single company. A well-designed and easily accessible website always creates a good impact on the targeted audience of that company or specific business. A top-notch quality based and handy website of a company helps to increase its ranking and invite a number of visitors on its page. So, in this era of the internet, web design is a great way to attract people and enhance business growth, brand value.

In these times of the internet and technology, both graphic and web design have become a fundamental part of every single business. From making attractive and resourceful websites to figure out various ways to graphically present and promote the products or services of a company etc. all activities can only be done by graphic and web design. Therefore, this industry is very much promising and offering an ample number of employment opportunities. Apart from that, this field encourages students to showcase their creativity and innovation. Hence, a substantial number of students are opting for graphic and web designing profession.