Engineering Scholarship Program - Gulab Oils

When it comes to preparing a list with the name of strong, refined oil brands, the name Gulab Oils arguably tops the list. This Mungfali Oil producing company is one of the most popular brand names in the cultured edible oil manufacturing industry. With the motto of providing sound and top-notch quality refined cooking oil to every single customer, this company started its journey from the year 1966. In this long journey, the company has successfully fulfilled the requirements of all its customers. Most of the health-conscious people always recommend products from this particular brand.

Now, this leading refined cooking oil such as cottonseed oil india manufacturer wants to make some changes in society. Gulab Oils is planning to take some initiative towards the positive development of the entire social system. The company believes that to develop a society, it is essential to educate every single person who lives in society. That is why; Gulab Oils wants to provide proper education to the deprived sections of the society. The company is proudly announcing a specially created engineering scholarship program for talented youngsters, who belong to the lower economic sections of the society. This scholarship program is all about providing financial support to brilliant but deprived students so that they can easily accomplish their higher education and achieve their targets.

About the Scholarship Program

We are now living in an age of science, technology, and development. In this era, one of the most prosperous career options in engineering. There are various choices in engineering courses such as civil engineering, mechanical engineering, computer engineering, telecommunication engineering, and so on. All of these engineering courses are very much valuable, and each of them has a very bright future. Therefore, Gulab Oils want to uplift some talented fellows who are unable to continue their studies due to the financial crisis. This engineering scholarship program will help them to pursue their courses easily and able to reach their desired targets. Undoubtedly, this initiative will surely create a positive effect on society.

Gulab Oils company is offering $5000 for scholarship winning students. It can be assumed that this monetary support will surely help needy students to fulfill their requirements associated with their studies. The students can purchase study materials, course-related equipment, provide tuition fees by using the award amount of this engineering scholarship program. However, there is a condition; this engineering scholarship program is available for those who stay in Australia, the USA, and Canada only.

We are inviting registrations and will continue to accept till 15th January of every year. The results for winners are declared on 31st January every year.

Eligibility Status for the Engineering Scholarship Program

To avail of this opportunity of an engineering scholarship program sponsored by the Gulab Oils, you have to pursue this particular course from any recognized or well-known academic institution of Australia or Canada or the USA. You have to reside in any of these three countries.

Steps to Apply for the Engineering Scholarship Program

Every single applicant needs to follow these below-mentioned steps to complete a successful application for this specially designed engineering scholarship program course by Gulab Oils.

Important Note

If you are interested in grabbing the opportunity of this specially designed engineering scholarship program by Gulab Oils, you have to follow a few strict rules and regulations. First of all, you must not contact us to clarify any of your queries regarding the engineering scholarship program through the displayed number on our website. We have employed a dedicated team who will look after all kinds of issues and queries by every applicant of this scholarship program. Therefore, you can send your questions or clarify any issue by emailing us at [email protected].

It is very much essential to inform that even after knowing this strict rule, if you try to call or WhatsApp us through the given number on the website regarding any doubts about the scholarship program, your candidature may get rejected by the selection committee.

Terms and Conditions for the Engineering Scholarship Program

Please go through the following terms and conditions before applying for our scholarship program:


The fact is, engineering is a kind of industry that will never shut down. With the advancement of science, technology, the need for engineers will mount rapidly in upcoming days. As engineering is associated with various kinds of fields such as design, computer, chemical, mechanical, civil, telecommunication, and so on, the demand for engineers will always remain high. That is why it can be easily said in the near future, the demand for engineers will increase effectively.

The prime aim of any scholarship scheme is to help eligible students to complete their courses of graduation and post-graduation. Engineering is an expensive study course, and there are many deserving students who are unable to pursue their studies due to the financial crisis. Scholarship schemes are designed to provide monetary support to eligible students so that they can purchase all necessary equipment, books, and all required materials regarding their studies. Engineering courses demand various equipment, tuition, study materials, and that is why scholarship programs are a significant relief for students, majorly for those who are from lower economic classes.

Engineering is the basis of many businesses and forms the backbone of any manufacturing, telecommunication, or scientific venture. Accordingly, it can never be shut down as its requirement is perpetual. So, engineers generally find work all year long, even when there is an economic downturn. Although the initial few years are toilsome once that period is over, good quality engineers earn handsome paychecks and afford an affluent lifestyle. So comparatively, it’s a lot safer career option if you can slog it out the initial years.