Refined Cottonseed Oil


“ Good for frying ”



  • Cottonseed OilGood for Frying
  • Kapasia Oil52% PUFA
  • Refined Cottonseed Oil Vegetable Oil

Cottonseed - Kapasia Oil India

Oil of Cottonseed or kapasia oil is ruling the kitchen of India. Whether it is a snack or fried food, Refined cottonseed oil becomes the first choice for frying because food doesn’t develop an odor if it is cooked using cottonseed oil. According to general stats around 11 lakh tonnes of oil cottonseed produced in India annually and Gujarat consume almost half of the production alone.

Refined cottonseed oil and Sunflower Oil are also used for fast food cooking because it lifts the taste and flavor of the food instead of masking it.

This cottonseed oil india does not only help you in making food tasty but also takes care of your skin because the oil contains a high concentration of vitamin E, fatty acid, and antioxidation, which is essential for human skin to keep it healthy and fresh. According to the American Heart Association, unsaturated vegetable oils like cottonseed oil are “heart-healthy” when used in moderation.