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Gulab Oils is a leading manufacturer of refined edible oils prepared with balanced composition, which helps to keep people healthy. This groundnut oil making company has started its journey from 1966 to produce premium quality refined cooking oil such as Sunflower Oil In India. Willpower, hard work, strong business strategy led this company to achieve the milestone of success. Since its inception, by providing top-notch quality healthy groundnut oil, Gulab Oils has earned the trust and confidence of thousands of people.

Along with expanding its business, Gulab Oils is planning to do some activities to develop the academic culture of the society. This famously best mustard oil manufacturing company wants to take the initiative for an all-encompassing growth of the system and society. As education is the base of every developed society, so this company is looking for some improvement in this system. Gulab Oils is launching a specially designed real estate scholarship program to discover some hidden talents from the poor economic backgrounds. This scholarship program is made to uplift youngsters from the deprived sections of society and provides them with financial support to complete their higher education.

About the Scholarship Program

Nowadays, Real estate industry is one of the most profitable businesses across the world. In each and every country, this industry is growing exponentially. Thus, it can be assumed that the employment rate in this field is also edging up very rapidly. To enrich the industry as well as to find out some young and brilliant people in this field, Gulab Oils is offering a real estate scholarship program. This scholarship program is specifically designed for those students who are talented enough but belong to the deprived sections of the society. This leading edible oil manufacturing company wants to help them financially so that they can continue their studies without thinking about monetary issues. This scholarship program is applicable only for the students who live in the USA, Canada, and Australia.

Scholarship winning students will get $5000 amount from Gulab Oils. This support will help them to continue their studies and tide over the financial crisis. Eligible students can accomplish their study-related needs such as tuition fees, purchasing the required equipment, study materials, etc. by utilizing the award amount. Through a random draw, the selection committee will choose eligible students for this real estate scholarship program across Australia, Canada, and the USA.

We are inviting registrations and will continue to accept till 15th January of every year. The results for winners are declared on 31st January every year.

Eligibility Status for the Real Estate Scholarship Program

You can apply for the Gulab Oils’ real estate scholarship program if you reside in Australia or Canada or the USA, and you are pursuing a course in this field from any recognized institution in any of these three countries.

Steps to Apply for Real Estate Scholarship Program

If you are interested in grabbing the opportunity of winning this real estate scholarship program, then you must systematically follow the below-mentioned procedure while applying for this scholarship program.

Important Note

Here are some mandatory rules for every single applicant of this real estate scholarship program. There is a strict prohibition on calling or WhatsApping to enquire anything about this scholarship program through the displayed contact number on our website. Gulab Oils has a team who are dedicated to manage and work on all kinds of issues and inquiries regarding this particular scholarship. Therefore, applicants can ask their questions by emailing us at [email protected].

If any applicant disobeys the rules, there is a possibility that his or her candidature may be rejected at any time.

Terms and Conditions for the Real Estate Scholarship Program

Please go through the following terms and conditions before applying for our scholarship program:


Real Estate industry offers various career options, which are challenging and profitable as well. The majority of top-notch career opportunities in this field are associated with buying and selling properties, and these career options are advantageous. This industry can offer career options such as real estate managing broker, real estate investor, commercial real estate agent, commercial appraiser, commercial leasing manager, corporate real estate manager, and so on. Therefore, yes, in this real estate industry, interested students can make their future bright.

As per the statistics of various institutions, it has been proven that the real estate business is one of the most profitable industries. Then it can be easily stated that real estate is a prosperous option to invest money. This real estate industry has stable growth, and the value of this industry will increase over time. Thus, investing in real estate business is undoubtedly a good decision, and it will generate an ongoing passive income with a high-interest rate.

Real Estate is such a business, which is involved with buying and selling properties. This industry includes the construction of different kinds of buildings, such as housing estates, residential buildings, office buildings, and so on. All that starting and completing construction is one of the toughest jobs, and this entire procedure of construction requires a large number of workers. Even after getting machinery support, the construction process can never be adequately completed without laborers. That is why the real estate industry is dependent on workers, and it is a labor intensive industry.