Marketing Scholarship Program - Gulab Oils

In the industry of edible oil manufacturing, Gulab Oils is a celebrated name. The company has gained its excellent reputation by producing top-notch quality based on various kinds of Mustard Oil and other edible oils. From the year 1966, this company has created its benchmark in the industry of edible oil manufacturing.

For not compromising on the quality of its products, Gulab Oils has become the first choice of every single, health-conscious customers. Now, this leading company of Sunflower Oil and refined edible oil industry is making its effort towards the development of the society, by doing something good in the academic sector. The company wants to begin a marketing scholarship program for those students who are interested in building their career in the marketing field, but unable to pursue it due to the financial crisis. This scholarship program is applicable for those who reside in Australia, Canada, and the USA.

About the Scholarship Program

Marketing is now an inevitable part of every single industry. Thus, Gulab Oils want to discover those talents who can make their incredible mark in the marketing industry. To locate such talented but needy students, this marketing scholarship program has been designed. The scholarship program aims to resolve the economic crisis of brilliant students during their courses.

Award amount from this scholarship program is $5000, and it will surely help all eligible students to fulfill their financial necessities regarding education. From received applications of students across the USA, Australia, and Canada, suitable students and scholarship winners will be chosen randomly.

We are inviting registrations and will continue to accept till 15th January of every year. The results for winners are declared on 31st January every year.

Eligibility Status for the Marketing Scholarship Program

The Gulab Oils’ designed this specific marketing scholarship program is applicable for those who are now studying this course from recognized institutions in the USA or Australia or Canada.

Steps to Apply for Marketing Scholarship Program

You need to follow the below-mentioned steps while filling out the application form for this marketing scholarship program.

Important Note

Just like another scholarship program, we also have a few guidelines that you need to follow while you are submitting your application. You should not call us or WhatsApp us by using our given number on a website. You can mail us all your queries at [email protected], as we have a separate team to handle all issues regarding the marketing scholarship program.

If you contact us regarding any information on this scholarship through a given number of our website, your application can be canceled.

Terms and Conditions for the Marketing Scholarship Program

Please go through the following terms and conditions before applying for our scholarship program:


It is known to all that without customer retention, no business or industry can survive. Here comes the necessity of marketing as it helps every industry to sell their product to target customers. Marketing is the most strategic tool that allows every industry to reach its goal and increase the business.

To understand and make a clear idea regarding business, marketing course is a must for those students who are interested in building their career in this field. In the marketing course, generally, students learn basic strategy, techniques, selling skills, branding, and all those things, which are integral parts of every business industry.

Education has become a business in most parts of the world. As a result, the fees are exorbitantly high. Along with it, students have to bear additional expenses like hostel fees, meals and also buy course-related materials. Often a large number of talented students come from financially backward families, which makes it challenging for them to continue their studies due to this high cost. Here scholarships like Gulab Oils gaming scholarship program comes to their aid in pursuing their academic goals.